ENX Series (10-500KVA)

Online UPS System (3 Phase Out)

We provide entire range of UPS System. In this Online UPS System series ranging 10KVA to 500KVA.

Online UPS provides uninterrupted power supply without any switch over time. It provides pure sine wave electricity with purification from all harmonic distortions.

Product Series Range:
ENX 3310
ENX 3320
ENX 3330
ENX 3340
ENX 3350
ENX 3360
ENX 3380
ENX 33100
ENX 33120
ENX 33150
ENX 33160
ENX 33200
ENX 33250
ENX 33300
ENX 33400
ENX 33500



Large-medium computer data center, industrial process and other mission-critical equipment


 Advanced operation mode
DSP controlled. Double CPU controlled
Manual maintenance bypass
Wide input voltage range
High Output power factor
Strong environment adaptability. Advanced Battery management
N+X parallel redundancy
 Compatible with generator
Strong shock resistance ability
EPO function
Full protection against over-discharge, overcharge, overload.
12 Pulse rectifier (optional)
Inbuilt Isolation Transformer


LBS function

LBS function supports the two independent input to improve the reliability of the system.

High reliability

True on-line static bypass technology, to provide strong overload and fault protection device. Internet manual maintenance bypass, further improve the reliability of continuous operation of the load.

Network management humanity

Communicate with PC by RS232. Use SNMP adaptor, UPS can realize remote network management function.

Optimized battery performance

Intelligent battery management function (ABM)
Automatically convert to constant-current constant-voltage charging technology.

Parallel redundancy

Can parallel 8 units UPS; Parallel UPS units can share a battery pack; Non-fixed master/slave parallel


Technical Specifications

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