HF Series (1-10-20 KVA)

Online UPS System (1 Phase Out)

We provide entire range of UPS System. In this Online UPS System series ranging 1-10-20KVA.

Online UPS provides uninterrupted power supply without any switch over time. It provides pure sine wave electricity with purification from all harmonic distortions.

Product Series Range:
HF 1101 IB
HF 1101 L2
HF 1101 L3
HF 1102 IB
HF 1102 L4
HF 1102 L8
HF 1103 IB
HF 1103 L6
HF 1103 L8
HF 1105 IB
HF 1105 L8
HF 1105 L10
HF 1106 IB
HF 1106 L16
HF 1106 L20
10K (1-1)
HF 1110 L16
HF 1110 L20
10K (3-1)
HF 3110 L16
HF 3110 L20



Server and other networking equipments



 High Frequency and double conversion on-line technology
Wide input voltage range
Fully digitized microprocessor control
LCD Display
Cold start
IGBT both in converter and inverter stage
Advanced battery management
Automatic battery charge in UPS OFF mode
 Lightening and surge protection
Short circuit and overload protection
Fan speed auto control when load varies
Optional Extension battery pack
EMI/RFI noise filter
Smart RS232 communication with monitoring software
Optional SNMP Card slot
4 No. be paralleled for 24,40 & 80 KVA (6,10 & 20KVA)


Technical Specifications

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