HQ i Series (5KVA-20KVA)

Online UPS System (1 Phase Out)

We provide entire range of UPS System. In this Online UPS System series ranging 5KVA to 15KVA.

Online UPS provides uninterrupted power supply without any switch over time. It provides pure sine wave electricity with purification from all harmonic distortions.

Product Series Range:
HQ i 1105L 10
HQ i 1106L 10
HQ i 1108L 12
HQ i 1110L 14
HQ i 3110L 16
HQ i 3110L 20
HQ i 3110L 24
HQ i 3115L 30
HQ i 3120L 30



Server and other networking equipments, Industrial Use


 True On Line Double Conversion Design
Output inbuild isolation transformer
Wide input voltage range
User Friendly digital LCD display
Cold start function
High Crest Factor Circuit Design
Advanced battery management
Inbuild High-rated charger for back-up upto 2-10hrs.
Improved input power factor


Technical Specifications

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